7 Signs You Should Change your Major

Hello loves! Well, semester #1 is done! I have just completed my first semester of college and I am already preparing for semester #2! The semester flew by but at the same time, it felt like ages! One of the most important decisions I made this semester was to change my major. I fought a tough mental battle debating whether or not to switch. But staying in my original major was going to cost me my happiness and peace of mind. Upon realizing this I knew I needed to switch. Maybe you are in the same boat as I am. Or maybe you are totally happy with your current major (YAY!!!) Or maybe you are going to college soon and are starting to think about what you want to study…Wherever you are in this season of life I think these tips/ signs will be helpful for you! It’s important to be tuned in to your comfort meter and understand when your heart is telling you that something isn’t right.


You dread going to class/ learning about what you’re studying

Believe it or not, classes should be fun! The classes you’re taking for your major should interest you and even excite you! You are learning the skills needed to be what you want to be “when you grow up”. If you can’t stand getting out of bed to go and learn about this particular thing…It might be time to reconsider. It’s not supposed to be dreadful! School should actually be fun! (or at least relatively fun) Pick something that excites you!

You can’t see yourself being happy doing this for the rest of your life

Okay, now I don’t believe you have to do whatever you studied in college for the rest of your life. My dad studied physical therapy and now he owns his own successful business. My cousin is a kindergarten teacher and she’s going to become an interior designer here soon. Career change is AWESOME. But if what you are studying isn’t something you can see yourself being happy doing even for a small portion of your life… then maybe you want to study something you CAN see yourself being happy doing. The sky is the limit is you set your heart and mind to it. Whatever career you’re thinking in your head right now…YES, you ARE good enough to do it!

You don’t like your professors

I struggled with this last semester. Your professors can make a huge impact on your overall experience. They are your mentors and major resources for opportunities after college… if you don’t connect with them at all, or can’t stand listening to them/ interacting with them then this could be a sign. Now there is no such thing as a perfect professor. We have all had teachers we can’t stand, but if they are affecting the overall experience for you in the program, it’s time to reconsider.

You’ve lost excitement 

You can choose whatever you want to do in life! Forget money for a minute…if it’s not something that excites you or you feel passionate about then why do it? College is the best time to realize this. Talk to any advisor…there is no such thing as being “too far in” to your studies to change your direction. I gaurantee there is something that will excite you enough to hop out of bed every morning. Listen to what your heart is telling you. It’s not wrong!

Your grades are yucky 

This is just another indicator you have probably lost interest. Not even that what you’re studying is too hard…because I believe if you are dedicated you can achieve the desired grade no matter how difficult it is. So if you have put in your very best effort, but your grades are still on the decline, don’t beat yourself up, take it as a sign. It might be time to open your mind to new possible career paths.

You’ve convinced yourself you will only be successful in this particular field

This was an issue for me this semester. I had completely convinced myself I was only good at one thing and if I didn’t stick to this one thing then I would never be successful in life. FALSE! I finally realized I have so much more to offer the world. You do too! You have so many unique skills and abilities that there are countless things you can and will succeed in! If you think you are only good at one thing, stop thinking that!! It is not true! You’re amazing!

You just don’t feel happy

As I mentioned earlier…listen to your heart. Your mental state is so important. If what you are studying makes you feel in the dumps then it is time to switch. You are here to make an impact in the world and you should feel like you are. Whether it is a big impact or a small one, you should feel like you’re making one. Keep in mind we will always have low points, but what you are studying shouldn’t put you in an all-time low. Choose something that brings you joy, something that best suits the unique YOU! Oh, and something that makes you SMILE!

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