Hello wonderful people!

As we move closer and closer to Christmas, I realized there are so many choices to be made this time of year. How much to spend on gifts, what christmas party will I attend, where should I put my decorations, what meal should I prepare, when should I bake my perfect Christmas cookies, what Christmas movie do I want to watch, how to get enough Christmas lights on my house to out shine Martha Mays house…(for you grinch lovers;)  SO MANY CHOICES! But something I realized is that many of these choices focus on us. What WE want. Yes, buying gifts for others is a wonderful thing…but many times I find myself guilty of buying a gift for my own benefit, or to show the “giving” heart that I have.

Christmas is solely about the miraculous gift we have been given. Jesus Christ. God sent his perfect love in flesh, and because of His gift we are free. It’s a gift we get to enjoy forever. My point is, God is LOVE. His perfect gift to us was LOVE. The best thing we can do this Christmas season is to give to others what God gave to us. Selfless LOVE.

My friend Mckenzie, from @Shiningforthelord and I are teaming up to create a movement this Christmas season encouraging eachother as well as you to spread God’s gift of love. The way we want to spread this love is through simple acts of KINDNESS. Because kindness is a form of love. 

Here is a list of 20 easy ways to spread kindness throughout your day.

  1. Smile at everyone you meet today.
  2. Each time you pay for something, (coffee, clothes, food) take the change and put it into a cup. Then, after a while use it in a way you think would benefit someone around you.
  3. Leave sticky notes with words of encouragement on bathroom mirrors. Ex: “Stop looking into the mirror, I think you look beautiful.”
  4. Tape change to a vending machine.
  5. Give up your spot in line. (At a coffee shop, when checking out at the grocery store, ect.)
  6. Volunteer to do yard work for a neighbor or friend.
  7. Make and send cards to servicemen & women in your community.
  8. Bake & bring cookies into your workplace or school for others to enjoy.
  9. Help a friend or family member do work or a chore around the house.
  10. Hold the door for everyone you come across.
  11. Invite friends or church members over for coffee & baked goods.
  12. Make baked goods & a thank you card for your mail carrier.
  13. Say a prayer for everyone you come in contact with.
  14. Make & leave kindness stones around your park.
  15. Get friends together & visit a nursing home to sing carols.
  16. Call a distant friend or family member to chat & find a way to drop some encouragement into what you say.
  17. Hide a dollar somewhere in your local dollar store.
  18. Compliment all people you speak with.
  19. Offer to shovel a neighbors driveway.
  20. Text your friend an encouraging bible verse

How Can YOU Get Involved In This Movement?

  • Print out your very own “CHOOSE Kind” printable template, by clicking Here!
  • CHOOSE Kind daily & share it with Mckenzie & I on Instagram! Feel free to post your own template on your account, make sure to tag us both and use the hashtag #ChooseKindMovement , so we can see how you choose kind!
  • Whenever you share an example or time you chose kind, I will write it down and keep it! Then, whenever you may be struggling to CHOOSE Kind, send me a message, and I will randomly select a note with an idea of how to CHOOSE Kind that I was sent, and I will send it back to you, so you can CHOOSE Kind in a different way!
  • Send ways that you have chose + shown kindness to others around you.
  • Send ways that others have shown kindness to you + how you felt.
  • Send encouragement + reason you think everyone should choose kind.
  • Watch, see how a little kindness affects those around you!

It is our hopes that you’ll will take part in giving your time and service to show kindness this season especially. Give to others as an act of gratitude toward what God has done for us. Through this, you will realize just how many chances we are given each day to CHOOSE Kind.

Merry Christmas!

With you always,

 Annalise, from @Lifes.simple.things & Mckenzie (KW ),  from @Shiningforthelord  

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