Hi lovely people!

Today I want to share with you a concept that has helped me immensely! We all desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you practice healthy living or not, I really doubt anyone WANTS to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

The other day I learned about the concept:


I was really confused by this at first. I thought by the looks of it primary food would be fruits and veggies…anything the doctor says you should eat more of. I thought secondary food was the sweet stuff that the doctor says we should consume LESS of. LOL!

Turns out Primary Food is more than just what is on your plate.

As humans, we are fed by much more than just food. We are fed from our hobbies, relationships, exercise, fulfilling a purpose, and by God.

Have you ever been so engaged in talking with someone, working on a project, praising the Lord, or doing your favorite activity that you completely forget it’s way past dinner time? You don’t have an appetite because you are already so full of your primary food. This is key for living a healthy rich life. The moment I learned about this my whole mindset changed. This encouraged me. Whenever I would be feeling a little low, rather than going straight to the refrigerator for a little dopamine boost I would go look at my list of primary food sources to see which one I had yet to engage in that day. After that, I found myself writing an article for over an hour and I didn’t even want to stop. I was happy. My heart was full.

I encourage you to let your passions be your primary food source. It will give you a deep and lasting sense of satisfaction that no bag of chips or cookie ever could. I promise. Right now make a list of your primary food sources. I will give you mine as an example.

  • Spending time with God (spiritual)
  • Working on my blog/ singing/ painting (hobby)
  • Talking with my family, boyfriend, and besties (relationships)
  • Going for a jog/ lifting (exercise)
  • School work/ seeking connections for future jobs (fulfilling work)
  • Now make your list! Throughout your day when you experience
  • moments of lowness…go straight to your list! Maybe even challenge yourself to engage in all of your primary foods in one day!

I hope you enjoyed! Go have a primary food FEST!

XOXOX Annalise

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