Hello lovely people! Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my MUST-HAVES for the holiday/ Christmas season! There are so many wonderful things that make this season magical! Here are some things to help you pamper up, cozy up, and sweeten up  your Christmas season!

  1. Christmas sweater or oversized sweater (Goodwill is the jackpot)
  2. Hot cocoa packets (need I explain?)
  3. Holiday/ winter scented candle
  4. Christmas mug (Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Target and Walmart)
  5. Peppermint flavored coffee creamer
  6. Fuzzy Christmas socks/ cabin socks
  7. Wrapping paper, ribbon, and LOTS of tape
  8. Cookie dough
  9. lights, tinsel, ornaments, decor
  10. Christmas playlist ( I recommend Pentatonix)
  11. Maroon, red, dark, lipstick
  12. Recipes for warm, yummy Christmas food
  13. Christmas movie collection ( my faves: Elf, While you were sleeping, Home Alone)
  14. Elf on the Shelf (my family never did this growing up… so sad)
  15. Candy cane supply
  16. PEOPLE
  17. Christmas Time Bucket List
  18. Festive nail polish colors
  19. Christmas PJs
  20. Warm snuggly blanket


xoxo, Annalise

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