Let’s get Empowered! (Playlist)

Hello wonderful people! So I randomly asked some amazing people “What is your go-to song to feel uplifted and encouraged?” Based on the responses I put together a list of these empowering songs! Lemme tell ya…After listening to all of these songs in a row, I felt the presence of God, I felt encouraged and pumped up, and I just felt joy in my heart. Music is such a beautiful thing. Whenever I am having a rough day, listening to music can flip my bad day right side up. So I encourage you to listen to some of these songs. Prepare to feel like you can conquer the world! (Because you can!)

“The song that I go to feel empowered is called “Daughter” by Sleeping at Last. His music is definitely more artistic and sometimes slow but definitely some of the most encouraging”  

– Elia Giuliani


“Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong Worship always reminds me of my worth and identify and helps me push through any tough situation.”  

– Laurel Rings

“A song that encourages me the most and refocuses my mind is “Extravagant” by Bethel” 

– Maria Giuliani

“Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi” 

– Haley Prue

“It is Well With My Soul” 

– Marlee Scholten

“I love Carrie Underwood so I love belting it out to her songs when I’m driving around! My fav right now is Cry Pretty”

– Olivia Thiel

“Music is always a safe space for me. 30,000 Feet always puts things in perspective and relaxes me”

-Haley Trimble

“30,000 Feet: Ben Rector, I Take The World by Storm: Lukas Graham, and Meant to Be: Bebe Rexa are ones that always help me get in a better mood if I’m feeling down”

-Jenna Beebee


“Addict with a Pen by Twenty One Pilots & This is Me from The Greatest Showman”

– Isabelle Poulson


“Mine is Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells! It’s such a good reminder that I am not alone and God is always with me from my lows to my highs! Listening to the lyrics is always so moving”

-Kate Sparhawk


What songs make you feel encouraged? Let me know! Let’s create another list of songs to empower each other!


xo Annalise

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