First week of College: Freshman Year!


I was terribly nervous to start classes this morning. I woke up at 6 a.m. because I had so many butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t fall back asleep! I just decided to get out of bed and go for a little jog to calm my nerves. The campus looks gorgeous early in the morning. There was nobody around so it was very peaceful. After that, I 55ab73a6-de72-4abe-8d08-e93ca4a633e1grabbed my coffee and headed to my first class with my amazing dorm neighbor Sophia. Lectures are a little intimidating…but the professor was wonderful. Next class was a theater class and boy was it fun. I love being a theater major. After that, I headed to my final class of the day. While a group of us were sitting waiting for class to begin, we got an email from the professor telling us that this specific class doesn’t begin until next week! HOYA! So my day was done. I headed uptown to purchase a couple of textbooks and grab a midday cup of coffee. I finished the day doing a cycling class withmy roomie, sis and a couple of other amazing gals. I think the first day was a success!

TUESDAY: Woke up, went to class and then ummmm…

WEDNESDAY: Uh… (can you tell I totally forgot to write about these two days?)

Well, It’s currently Thursday and I didn’t get the chance to reflect on the past two days.  All I can say is they were jammed packed. You know you are busy when it’s dinner time and what you ate for breakfast feels like centuries ago. That’s how the last couple days have felt. But definitely in a good way. So far I have met so many amazing people. I have met Jesus lovers, theater lovers, and lots of coffee lovers! I am slowly but surely starting to know my way around campus. I’ve only gotten lost once today…so we are making progress. So far I have already tried so many new things! I tried a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class, a yoga class, and I even tried coconut milk in my coffee rather than almond! (yes that sounds extra I know)01f9242a-0a17-40ad-bedd-3837fccca054

Most importantly, God is present here. The same God who loved me and pursued me back at home is pursuing me here on this new journey. The transition of moving to a new place, stepping out of comfort zone, and making all new friends has been a little bit difficult, but Jesus has given me the strength and comfort I need to keep going. He is steadfast in all areas of my life (yours too!) I don’t know if I could be making my way here at college without Him and his peace.

Well now it’s Friday and boy was this a full rich week. My roomie and I spent our night eating popcorn and watching live theatre. It was amazing! This week may have been a little bit emotional and overwhelming, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. I am beyond excited to see what the rest of the semester looks like! There are so many new people to meet, memories to be made, places to discover, and I can’t wait to experience it all! God is good!


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