Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a quick & easy recipe that has been one of my favorites this summer! These delicious Caprese bites are the PERFECT appetizer for your summer cookout! They are healthy, fresh, and take hardly any prep time at all! I last minute needed to whip up an appetizer to share at a cookout so my dad helped me make these! So simple! He’s the master in the kitchen over here…I just try to pick up a couple things along the way;) These Caprese bites were a hit! Guests were coming back for more and more! I hope you enjoy!



mozzarella balls or chunks
cherry tomatoes
fresh basil leaves
balsamic glaze 
garlic salt 
extra virgin olive oil 


  1. Chunk up the cheese! Throw a little extra virgin olive oil and garlic salt into a bowl and toss your little cheese balls around!
  2. Cut up those cute little red tomatoes horizontally. This will make it super easy for them to stand up and create a nice display!
  3. Take a toothpick a poke it into the tomato.
  4. Cut up little pieces of basil and place them on the toothpick on top of the tomato! Following that place your little cheese ball on top.
  5. To top it all off, after you have put your caprese bites on the platter, gently drizzle  a little bit of the balsamic glaze onto your bites! It’s the finishing touch!

Now you are done! Wasn’t that simple?


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