Hi guys! Today I am coming at you with a SUPER yummy & easy to make Mediterranean Salad. Well somewhat Mediterranean… I went to this delicious Mediterranean food restaurant called Mezze . They serve all sorts of yummy dishes like pitas, bowls & salads! When I went I ate an amazing tilapia salad and I truly think I walked out as a new woman. Long story short I HAD to try to recreate it! My version was not exactly the same, but it was delicious! This salad is highly nutritious, easy to make, and will make your taste buds happy. There are so many ways to change it up and make it your own! If you are tired of your normal caesar salad… it is time to spice things up! I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Annalise


Lettuce, Spinach, Celery

Peppers, Black Olives, Tomato

Cucumber, Pickles

Shrimp (or any type of fish/ chicken/ protein)

Step 1: 

Lay out all your ingredients in an aesthetically pleasing manner like so.

Just kidding! Grab all your salad components, a cutting board, and a nice big chopping knife.

Step 2: Chop up all your ingredients. Watch your fingers 😉

Step 3:

For my protein, I chose to use shrimp (my FAVORITE). My dad buys these enormous bags of frozen shrimp from Costo so I normally just thaw a couple pieces and throw them on the frying pan.

Spray the pan. (I like to use coconut oil rather than canola)

I usually like to cook the shrimp pretty quickly so I turn the heat to high.

I cook each side for about 3/4mins, or until they turn pink

While they are cooking I sprinkle on some garlic salt for some extra pizaz! This gives the shrimp an amazing flavor!

YAY! The little shrimpies are toasty and ready to eat!

Step 4:

Assemble your salad however you want! Throw the veggies in, the shrimp on top and you are set for a simple, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean meal!

This salad is seriously my go to meal! It is packed with nutrients and only takes about 10 mins to make! To amplify the Mediterranean vibes I would recommend throwing on some feta cheese and a little olive oil! The fun thing is there are countless ways to change it up and make it your own! I just wanted to share my version with you and hope you will be inspired to create a masterpiece of your own! I hope you enjoyed! Happy chopping! xo

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