Hi there! I just wanted to share a super quick and easy DIY project that I love! I am such a sucker for vintage…and I LOVE high waisted shorts. The only thing I don’t love is how much you have to pay at the store for a cute pair. So, since summer is approaching quickly I wanted to share my life hack for getting super cute jean shorts without having to pay a crazy price! This project takes about 10 minutes and it is SO worth it! Hope you enjoy! ♡

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset 1. Grab yourself an old pair of jeans. Goodwill is the goldmine when it comes to finding cute vintage jeans! When you are picking your jeans, make sure you look past the awkward shape and baggy-ness of the 10-year-old style. Look for the potential in an adorable pair of shorts! I definitely recommend trying them on just to be sure they fit before you purchase:)

2. I like to give myself a little guideline when cutting my jeans. I recommend putting on your jeans and measuring them out so you know exactly how short you are making them before you cut! Always cut a little lower and work your way up to the length you love!




…and for some of us free-spirited folk, we still can’t manage to follow the guideline. No worries because if you choose to fold up the bottoms, the uneven line will be hidden.


3. Roll up the bottoms to the length that is comfortable for you! I rolled mine twice on each side. I like taking a safety pin and pinning the cuff from the inside along the seam so they don’t unravel in the wash.


Just like that, you have a high quality, affordable and stylish pair of jean shorts for the summer! This is such a simple and fun project. If you are at the store feeling a little reluctant to spend your money, just remember there are always little hacks to saving money but still getting exactly what you are looking for! I hope you enjoyed! Happy thrifting!


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